Dealing with Chronic Nasal Congestion? ClariFix Can Help

If it seems like your cold never went away and months later you still struggle with a runny and stuffy nose or postnasal drip, you may have chronic rhinitis. Medications only provide symptom relief, they don’t cure the condition.

Here at Broward ENT services, we offer treatment with ClariFix®, a truly innovative procedure that targets the source of the problem to provide long-lasting relief.

What you need to know about chronic rhinitis

ClariFix is specially designed to treat chronic rhinitis, a condition in which the mucous membranes lining your nose become inflamed. Rhinitis often develops from the viral infection that typically causes a common cold. However, the nasal inflammation can also arise due to bacterial infections like strep and staph or irritants such as dust, secondhand smoke, or chemical fumes.

Like the common cold, rhinitis should run its course and go away in four weeks. However, sometimes the inflammation persists. When rhinitis lasts more than three months despite treatment, you have chronic rhinitis.

The primary symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

You may also find that your sense of smell changes. You could have a hard time detecting odors or in some cases, the sense of smell is entirely blocked.

How ClariFix® treats your nasal congestion and runny nose

Your nose contains a complex system of nerves that regulate activities like dilating veins and shrinking or enlarging nasal membranes. These nerves contribute to chronic rhinitis when they become hypersensitive or overactive, constantly sending signals that make your nose swollen and runny.

The medications used to relieve your runny and congested nose don’t affect the nerves — that’s where ClariFix comes in.

ClariFix treats the source of the problem with safe and effective cryotherapy. The specialized ClariFix device delivers freezing temperatures to nerves in the back of your nose, which stops them from sending signals.

Since your nose doesn’t get the nerve messages that trigger swelling and excess mucus production, these problems die down and you get significant relief from your symptoms.

Here’s what to expect during your treatment with ClariFix

Your ClariFix treatment is done right here in the office at Broward ENT Services. For the first step, I apply a topical anesthetic to the inside of your nose. Then I insert the narrow ClariFix cannula through your nose, using an endoscopic camera to see your nasal passages.

I carefully guide the ClariFix to the back of your nose, where I can precisely target the nerves responsible for your chronic rhinitis. After placing the device against the tissues, I activate the cryotherapy tip, which immediately freezes the nerves.

You may feel some pressure, a slight cooling sensation, or slight discomfort during the procedure, but it’s generally very well tolerated. Some patients experience a temporary increase in congestion and minor discomfort after treatment with ClariFix, but you’ll have little to no downtime.

It takes a little time for changes to take place inside your nose, so you can look forward to symptom relief in about two to six weeks after your ClariFix procedure.

With ClariFix, you can finally get relief from a nose that’s constantly runny or stuffy. To learn more, call Broward ENT Services or book an appointment online.

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