Get Your Balance Right With Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

You suddenly feel lightheaded or experience that nauseating sensation of the room spinning around. If you’re lucky, you’re sitting down or at least near a chair, but dizziness puts you in danger of falling or worse — such as if you happen to be driving when it happens.

Dizziness is a common but infrequent event for most patients. When dizziness turns into a recurring problem — or you experience blurred vision or feel disoriented, like you’ve lost your sense of time and place — chances are you have a balance disorder.

Loss of balance is a concern because you need good balance to walk without staggering, climb stairs without tripping, and to get up from a chair without falling back down. In other words, balance is essential if you want to stay active.

When patients come to Broward ENT Services for help with a balance disorder, our first goal is to treat the underlying problem. For some patients, however, the dizziness persists. But you still have hope because we can retrain your brain to overcome inner ear disorders with exceptional balance training at our Fyzical® Therapy and Balance Center.

How your body keeps you balanced

The vestibular system inside your ear is the primary player when it comes to your balance. This very tiny but extremely complex system includes three fluid-filled loops that tell your brain when your head moves.

Other structures in the vestibular system detect gravity and send messages to your brain about the position of your head. This information tips off your brain about whether you’re sitting, leaning back, lying down, or moving sideways, up, down, forward, or backward.

The vestibular system also connects to your vision and musculoskeletal system, which allows you to maintain a stable posture and keep your balance when you’re on the move, whether you’re walking, running, swimming, or cycling. You also need this system to keep your eyes focused as you move, so you can see the goal as you run down the field, turning and dodging on your way to a touchdown.

Benefits of the whole-body approach at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

Our highly experienced Fyzical therapists begin with your ENT diagnosis, then combine it with a whole-body approach to be sure your program is 100% individualized to restore your balance.

In addition to targeting the problems with your inner ear, our therapists evaluate your body to see if you have other physical issues contributing to your balance problem, such as poor posture or weakness in your hip or ankles. Then we develop a program to improve your vestibular and physical concerns, which may include:

Of course, you’ll also get top-notch vestibular rehabilitation to improve your balance at our Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center.

Balance training at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

Your brain has the amazing ability to adjust for inner ear problems, allowing you to regain balance and diminish dizziness. However, it takes intensive vestibular therapy to train your brain how to compensate.

Your Fyzical therapist is extensively trained in many types of therapies and exercises to improve your balance, ranging from eye exercises and head movements to whole-body exercises that improve your ability to move without becoming dizzy. For example, we may tackle the problem of dizziness through repeated exposure to the specific movements that trigger your dizziness.

Balance training exercises are the core of Fyzical therapy. With our balance training, you’ll be able to engage in your usual activities without getting dizzy or falling. We may use a stationary position, dynamic movements, or have you perform a task while balancing, but there are too many exercises and approaches to list them all here.

At Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center, we also use cutting-edge equipment that you won’t find at other outpatient physical therapy clinics. For example, we use a Safety Overhead Support (SOS) system. Our SOS system consists of a harness attached to ceiling-mounted rails, making it impossible for you to fall while exercising.

Studies show that vestibular training is an effective way to eliminate your symptoms, regain your balance, and restore normal function. If you have any questions about dizziness and balance problems, or you’d like to learn more about our Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center, call Broward ENT Services or schedule an appointment online.

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