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You may have entertained the idea of cosmetic surgery if you have a feature on your face or neck that could use a tweak or a boost. Wilson DuMornay, MD offers some of the most effective facial contouring and skin rejuvenation services at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida practice. As a highly practiced ear, nose, and throat specialist, he has adept skills at nose and eyelid reshaping surgeries and cosmetic injections. Make an appointment to discuss your options by calling or booking an appointment online at Broward ENT Services.

Cosmetic Surgeries Q & A

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery refers to elective procedures that are meant to enhance your physical appearance but not necessarily to improve function. You can receive cosmetic surgery on any part of your head, neck, and body.

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance aesthetics by way of correcting:

  • Symmetry
  • Proportion
  • Signs of aging
  • Imperfections

How do I choose a cosmetic surgeon?

When you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you need a reliable, competent cosmetic surgeon. Some factors to take into consideration include your provider’s experience, areas of expertise, previous results, and personality.

Qualifications and experience

Take a look at your doctor’s board certifications, experience, and training in cosmetic surgery. No specific board certification exists for cosmetic surgery, so you should look for a surgeon with relevant certifications and training.

As a board-certified ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, Dr. DuMornay has special expertise with head and neck surgery. He's highly referred by other practitioners in the Fort Lauderdale area for his distinguished experience.


It’s also important to consider your providers’ area of specialty. For example, Dr. DuMornay’s ENT specialty makes him a top choice for cosmetic procedures that affect the face and neck.

Previous results

Ask your doctor about the results they’ve achieved for their previous patients to see if it aligns with your expectations. Most doctors have before and after picture galleries that can give you an idea of what they can do.

Good personality match

You also need a surgeon you feel comfortable talking to about your concerns and who treats you with respect. Dr. DuMornay’s previous patients describe him as courteous and attentive but feel free to meet with him yourself by setting up a consultation.

Which cosmetic surgeries are offered?

Broward ENT Services offers the following facial contouring and skin rejuvenation cosmetic treatments in-house:

Facial contouring

  • Rhinoplasty: nose reshaping procedure
  • Blepharoplasty: surgery to repair droopy eyelids

Skin rejuvenation

  • BOTOX®: injections to relax muscle contractions and minimize wrinkles
  • Fillers: injections to fill in and plump up skin
  • Chemical peels: chemical solutions used to rejuvenate skin

Discuss all of your cosmetic concerns with Dr. DuMornay by scheduling a consultation online or over the phone.